Process and Quality

All DYNAVENA feeds are produced in Brittany in a factory based in Pléchâtel (40km southwest of Rennes) which has been in operation since 2005.

All DYNAVENA products are made exclusively in this factory, none of the production process is outsourced, ensuring product consistency and regular production.

As it is dedicated to horse feed,
it uses cutting edge technologies that are very well adapted to horses' digestive systems to develop top of the range flaked, expanded, fibrous and granulated feeds in complete safety.
The site specialises in horse feed, guaranteeing a rigorous selection of primary materials to respond to horses' dietary needs.

Moreover, there is no risk of cross-contamination as DYNAVENA feed does not come into contact with any other product, drug-related or anticoccidial.

Logo CNEFThe DYNAVENA factory, certified ISO 22 000 (recognised quality standard based upon food standards) and GBPAC (guide for Good Practices in Compound Feeding), ensures that at all times all manufacturing processes follow HACCP methods (Hazard Analysis Critical Control point).

DYNAVENA, as a member of the French Equine Nutrition Club, also implements CNEF charter practices which are aimed at avoiding all risk of dopant food contaminants.

DYNAVENA controls the entire production process,
from choosing primary materials to checking the final products. The manufacturing process, implemented in impeccable sanitary conditions, guarantees that the feed is perfectly safe:

  • Granulation line with a thermal preconditioning phase for completely hygienic products.
  •  Flaking line for better digestibility.
  • Blending-coating line to fully control the mixture of specific and varied ingredients to produce homogeneous, appetizing products without dust or fine dust.
  • Packaging adapted to all the customers requirements.

The rational organisation of production in a fully automated and computerised environment ensures the perfect traceability of all DYNAVENA products.

Operating in the heart of the leading agri-food industry region in France, DYNAVENA has priority access to top-quality ingredients with rigorously selected local suppliers, allowing DYNAVENA access to specific primary materials that are adapted to horse physiology, nutritionally interesting and consistent in quality.

Each selected ingredient is subject to specifications reinforced and established after an approval procedure has been validated.

Each primary material receipt is subject to various checks: visual appearance, odour, absence of undesired grains, insects and dust, specific weight, infra-red analysis (the DYNAVENA factory is equipped with NIr equipment) and chemicals to check nutritional values, mycotoxins, etc.

DYNAVENA gives its full attention to selection of primary materials and its manufacturing methods so as to guarantee safe and efficient feed.