The 3 key factors for the performance of the horse are genetics, training and feed. The best valorisation of the working horse genetic potential in favor of its performance and its well-being is the combination of a controlled and rigorous training and an adjustment of feed balance.

It is essential to provide the athletic horse with a palatable feed, which is highly digestible, concentrated, secured, diversified and with a high biological value.

During physical exercise, muscles are very stimulated and should be prepared by an adapted training but also by the supply of essential nutrients for their effective functioning. It is necessary to provide a variety of energy sources without provoking high blood sugar level while compensating for losses resulting from sweating and supplying the appropriate level and balance of feed intake according to the intensity and duration of work.

In cooperation with professionals of various disciplines, Dynavena has developed different feeds to meet the specific needs of working horses.


  • Maintenance of body condition
  • Ideal digestive safety
  • Prevention of the risks of muscular disorders
  • Osteo-articular support
  • Good recovery after the effort
  • Restoration of energy reserves
  • Reduced glycemic response
notre philosophie

Our philosophy

Our nutritionists select a large number of ingredients in order to provide the horse with the 40 essential nutrients every day. Formulated according to our philosophy « Nutridiversity » and manufactured in our exclusive factory in France, these exceptional feeds ensure a perfect nutritional balance according to the activity of the horse and in respect with its physiology and well-being.

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