100% our feeds are made in France

Our Dynavena feeds are manufactured in our single plant, 100% dedicated to horse feed production and located in Brittany (West of France)

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Our product lines

Discover the full range of our high-end flaked and pelleted feeds, developed to meet the specific needs of each horse

notre philosophie

Our philosophy

Our nutritionists select a large number of ingredients in order to provide the horse with the 40 essential nutrients every day. Formulated according to our philosophy « Nutridiversity » and manufactured in our exclusive factory in France, these exceptional feeds ensure a perfect nutritional balance according to the activity of the horse and in respect with its physiology and well-being.

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Ration System +

Do you want us to assess and optimize the diet of your horses?
Our personalized program allow to calculate a balanced diet which meets the daily requirements of your horses as effectively as possible, while taking into account their characteristics, the fodder and available feedstuffs.

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