DYNAVENA's nutritionists select a large number of ingredients to provide the horse with 40 essential nutrients, to meet its requirements as best they can and to achieve an ideal nutritional balance.

The feed must allow nutrients that are essential the horse's condition to be provided daily and in adjusted quantities. Deficiencies and excesses can be detrimental to its health and performance.

DYNAVENA researches and selects each of its primary materials according to their profile and nutritional quality but also depending on how they act on the body and their benefits.

MuesliSeveral types of plant proteins (alfalfa, sunflower, soya, etc.) must be provided to achieve the horse's ideal amino acid profile.

In the same vein, several fibre sources need to be provided, for example, using both oat hulls and bran allows you to provide soluble and insoluble fibres digestive system's mucous membranes while also nourishing intestinal flora.

DYNAVENA thereby guarantees that all amino and fatty acids, soluble and insoluble fibres, vitamins and minerals are provided in a balanced fashion.

This philosophy guarantees the development of feed, good digestion and the horse's good health, criteria essential to reaching the horse's potential.