Flora Protection

Flore Protect

As herbivores, horses have a greater requirement for fibre and forage doesn't cover these needs. Moreover, the quantity and quality of forage are highly variable and often fail.


The right amount

Activ'FibDYNAVENA works towards calculating minimum provisions and the right balance of fibres. This is why, each DYNAVENA feed is characterised by a cellulose content that allows safe digestive transit and is balanced in soluble and insoluble fibres.

Structural management
DYNAVENA has developed an exclusive mixture technology which allows fibres to be incorporated as they are (meadow hay, alfalfa hay, etc.). These fibres are chosen for their nutritious value. They are free from mildew, cleaned (without dust), incorporated in a homogeneous manner and coated to optimise their taste.
Providing fibres as they are allows forage to be partially or totally substituted which makes up for quantity and quality problems with forage (season, availability, nutritional value, etc.), favours practicality and simultaneity of provision, improves digestion (ingestion lasts longer and thus enzymatic efficiency is strengthened) and calms the horse..

All DYNAVENA feeds contain apple fibres. These fibres are different from apple extracts used in animal feed as they are neither depectinated, nor seeded, are rich in fibre, rich in pectins and are very well assimilated by the horse. They gently control digestive transit, increase the elimination of food residues and stimulate the digestive tube with pectic acid.
All apple fibres in the DYNAVENA feed composition come from the same, single French supplier, with whom DYNAVENA have signed an exclusive contract.

 Both are prebiotics.
Fructo-oligosaccharides stimulate the development of beneficial digestive flora and mannan-oligosaccharides reduce pathogenic bacteria which are responsible for digestive trouble.
These two ingredients help establish the horse's optimum intestinal flora balance.
Concentration of beneficial bacteria (log/UFC/ML) in the gastro-intestinal area