Cell Protection

Cell Protect
All of a horse's cells are subject to oxidising stress with increases with physical stress and at the onset of growth, the foal is immuno-deficient. As a consequence, DYNAVENA incorporates anti-oxidants into all its different feeds, which, by their complementary actions, protect the body from the phenomenon of oxidisation.

APPLE FIBRESGraphique activité antioxydante
The apple fibres that are used in all DYNAVENA feeds are unseeded and contain a great amount of polyphenols. These natural anti-oxidants have an anti-oxidant power 4 times greater than vitamin C and 5 times greater than vitamin E

Polyphenols therefore protect the horse's cells against oxidising stress and act in a beneficial manner against inflammatory and cardio-vascular problems.

In order to strengthen cellular protection against oxidation, DYNAVENA feeds contain high levels of vitamins E and C and selenium, elements recognised as having antioxidant powers.

Linseed is provided in DYNAVENA feeds in extruded or flaked form so as to eliminate hydrocyanic acid, an anti-nutritional factor found naturally in linseed. In addition, linseed is rich in essential Omega 3 fatty acids (55% of their fatty acid content).

DYNAVENA feeds only contain colza oil as this oil has the best fatty acid profile and therefore the best Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio.Composition en acide gras des huiles végétales

Absorption du Zinc selon sa forme d'apportTrace elements contained in DYNAVENA feeds are partly provided in chelated form in order to guarantee their assimilation.