Basis of rationing

Rationing consists of meeting a horse's daily nutritional requirements.
To determine these requirements, two further types of requirement must be added:

These requirements are linked to what the horse expends to live, correspond to the horse's vital functions and vary according to the horse's size and the temperature of its environment.

These requirements depend on the nature and intensity of the horse's additional functions, such as muscular work, gestation, lactation or growth.


Horses are herbivores and ideally need to receive a daily ration of which 50% is forage.
Apports en besoins nutritionnels
DYNAVENA's nutritionists always account for the specific nature of horses when developing feed. DYNAVENA feeds always aim to balance forage and thus "at best meet the horse's needs, by provided them with 40 essential nutrients, in a sufficient quantity and in a balanced manner.

When designing feed, DYNAVENA experts evaluate necessary daily provision for a given situation (type of work, horse age, physiological condition...) as well as provision linked to forage and cereals when dealing with complementary cereal feed in order to determine nutritional composition that is both precise and adapted to this feed.

DYNAVENA specialists recommend dividing meals and determining physical presentation of the feed taking its density into account. These 2 criteria play a determining role in mastication and preventing dietary problems.


Ration System PlusIn order to determine the daily amount of feed to give to your horse, DYNAVENA's nutrition experts have formulated a rationing software program, RATION SYSTEM +.

This overall, personalised programme allows you to establish your horse's ration in an individual fashion, taking into account the horse's breed, weight, activity level and physiological condition. Also characterised are forage, consumed quantities, other available elements and DYNAVENA feed. This overall evaluation method created by DYNAVENA therefore allows you to determine a balanced ration that meets a horse's daily requirements.

The DYNAVENA solution doesn't just apply to RATION SYSTEM +
(optimal balance of nutrients) but also to a choice and a selection of selection of high quality primary materials, two conditions that are very important to the development of feed.